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My Daughter loves it here!
We started our daughter at Kids R Kids last month and she loves her teachers Mrs. Devin and Mrs. Jessica. Our daughter was not potty trained prior to going because she regressed back into pull ups and within a week of going to class 3 days a week she was fully potty trained both during the day and at night. She is changed so much within the first month of attending Kids R Kids and we are so proud of her. Thank you so much to the teachers and staff at Kids R Kids, they have allowed our daughter to explore her fullest potential as a student and child!
Tia Bradshaw
Exceptional level of care
To Whom it may concern, My name is Rachael , I am the mother of Chance. I am writing to to show my appreciation to two teachers in suite 200. With specific appreciation for Johanna. Every day I watch the PB&J cameras, multiple times a day. I am constantly impressed with Miss Johanna and the ways she treats my son but the other children as well. I understand the job that they do can be very stressful and tiring. Yet Miss Johanna seems to never lose patience and always is very loving and caring to each child. I think that she is a VALUABLE asset to Kids R Kids. It`s not often I have to drop my son off at school in the early morning. Today I did. I met a teacher this morning I was not familiar with but seemed to be familiar with Chance. He was tired and very cranky, and to top it all off he is just over being sick and it has caused him to be overly fussy the past two days. I dropped him off and he was very upset and crying. I felt so badly that I went and sat in my vehicle and watched PB&J cameras. I watched this teacher (whom I am unsure of her name) hold Chance for a long period of time and comfort him. Then she sat with him and was very loving and tender with him. I couldn`t begin to express my appreciation to her for this. I felt as if she was not just doing a "job" but genuinely was caring to the children. Soon Chance was doing fine and when I got home I logged back onto PB&J and saw a third child had joined the room. She was standing and holding that child lovingly too. What an AMAZING thing to see in a teacher. I felt so much better knowing I was leaving Chance with a teacher who had genuine love for the children. So I just wanted to write you and explain that Miss Johanna and this mornings teacher have made me so impressed with Kids R Kids. I am very thankful to these two employee`s who I leave my son with. They are above and beyond and it`s something I value very much. I just wanted you to know that as a parent seeing these teachers has made me extremely impressed and comfortable with the school. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, Rachael
Rachel - FL
Great School
My son has grown so much since being at KRK... He loves his teachers and I feel very comfortable leaving my child at KRK. THey have been very accomadating to our family! I can`t wait to see the progress that he makes in Pre-K!! :)
Claudia - FL
The Best School
Our daycare had closed with no notice. We searched and searched for our infant daughter. There were not openings. We placed her temporarliy in a church daycare near my husband`s job in Leesburg. It was the worst experience. Our daughter was upset daily and always received a bad report. We were lucky to get her on a waiting list at Collina and Mr. Bart said we could keep her at KRK until the spot opened. She first day she flourished. When our three weeks came to an end, I did not want to move her again. She was doing so well and her teachers were so attentive to her needs. We have been there for about 4 years and couldn`t be happier. Her vocabulary astounds me and the academics reassure me she will be ready for Kindergarten. The staff are so friendly and helpful. Once your child has moved rooms, the teachers still go out of their way to make contact with their previous students. Way to go KRK! Keep up the fantastic job!
Kerry - FL
great people
love the staff there. my kids have loved going there.
mike - FL
We enjoyed our visit
Great School! We really enjoyed working with the Kids and the Staff. Very Professional and "Fun." You could tell everyone enjoyed being there....The McGruff TID Team
McGruff Safe Kids - FL
Outstanding Pre-School
My son has learned so much just in the past few months while at Kids R Kids. He will definately be ready for Kindergarden after attending the VPK program there!! Thank You
Rick - FL
What a wonderful school
The thought of leaving my 8 week old daughter with care providers I didn`t really know was a very hard choice for me, but I had a full time job to go back to and I had to put all my trust in the teachers at KRK. You never think that your child will receive the level of love and care they deserve when put in a large room with so many other children, but the teachers at KRK devote so much to each individual child and it is evident each afternoon when you pick your child up. My daughter is now 18 months old and has graduated to a new room several times and each time she has left amazing teachers that I know love her very much. The biggest problem you will find with the teachers is their unconditional devotion to each child - it is not a job to them, it is the ability to love children all day. The front staff surprise me the most because they know every child`s name and even remember my son`s name and he doesn`t even attend the school! They are all so willing to help and provide you with the knowledge you need to help in your decision to enroll your child. Clermont is very fortunate to have a day care facility full of committed teachers and management team and I recommend them all the time to people I know and even to families looking at the facility when I happen to be there! Choosing to put your child in a day care will always be a hard decision, but the staff at KRK are committed to ensuring your child receives the level of care and love you would expect!!
Stacey - FL
We have an amazing Pre K suite for 3 and 4 year olds. Come in and take a tour. More
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