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Childcare: Breastfeeding tips – Is your child getting enough breast milk?

Posted on 11-07-2014


Mothers are naturally concerned whether a child is getting enough milk during breast feeding. Both mother and child are unique, which means that the breastfeeding experience is specific to each mother. Therefore, there are a variety of problems that a nursing mother could experience. This article is provided to assist mothers in asking themselves simple questions, focused on ensuring optimal childcare during breast feeding.

Is your child swallowing?

When breastfeeding your child, you will notice that there are three phases to the feeding process. The first phase is latching, in which your child will firmly grasp the nipple with his or her mouth. Once this phase is complete, your child will start alternating between the other two phases, sucking and swallowing the milk. The sucking can be felt and seen as the child performs a slow, pulling motion. The child will then alternate to swallowing, which is not as easy to feel. You should notice that the child’s jaw drops to allow for swallowing. Determining that all three phases occur, until the child is finished, ensures that the needed amount of milk is ingested throughout the breastfeeding experience.

Does your child seem satisfied?

After breastfeeding check to see if you can tell if the child is satisfied. This will be quite obvious as the child will get sleepy. A burping process should follow, to ensure the air swallowed along with the milk is released. If you can observe that the child is satisfied, then you have done a great job and your child is well-fed.

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